Primary Friday: Full Moon, Blue Moon

I am resting for the moon day today.  Just taught a nice evening class and now settling into two entire days completely and totally off.  I will have homework to do, yes, but I won't have anywhere to go or anyone to speak to or anything else to do... except for my practice, and maybe an oil bath.  It has been literally months since I've had a couple of days to myself and I am so looking forward to this.  I may stay in my PJs all weekend long and wear my glasses and tie my hair in a bun on the top of my head.

It's a possibility.  That's all I'm saying.

School has begun.  It feels strange to be a full time student.  Apart from the homework, which abounds already, I hardly know what to do with myself.  Practice, unfortunately, has continued to be erratic.  Three... maybe four days a week...  These past several weeks leading to the commencement of the semester have been hectic.  I don't do hectic.  At least, I'd rather not.

In response to my prolonged absences and our reduced walks, the poor dogs have been acting out, challenging each other for scraps and eating non-edibles around the house.  I will be walking them tonight under the full moon, a blue moon, the second full moon of the month.

Hurried and laborious though this summer has been, doing the work in good humor and remaining uncomfortably honest about my priorities in both the short and long term have proven fruitful in every sense.  Now, I find myself balancing a very different load, but the principles and tactics remain the same:  patience, truthfulness, and receptivity.

Staying open is the key -- open to change, open to new ideas and other ways of being.  Open to struggle and chaos and detachment and pain.  I can let it all in, because I must.  In truth, I have no choice -- that which comes to me comes to me for a reason -- but the process is easier without resistance, without the struggle.  I am learning this.  Getting better.


  1. Hi Megan, Nice to catch up with your blog. I love to spend time with myself too. Hope you enjoy your time and that your course is going well. "Staying open is the key" Indeed! So much harder in the difficult times, the practice helps us to learn to let it all happen, which is all we can ever do anyway.

    1. Hi Helen. My alone time keeps me human. Thankfully, I'm getting a bit more of it lately. School is going very well. Practice has been consistent this week. Things are looking up.