Happy Sunday, friends.  I hope your weekend has been restful and your practice today is an absolute joy.

Those of you who follow Damn Good Yoga on Facebook may have noticed the DGY page has disappeared.  Do not be alarmed.  I decided to close my personal account for a number of reasons, not the least of which the shoddy privacy practices and financial manipulation of user content.  Unfortunately, this also disables the blog page.  So be it.

Still, I miss the interaction with readers and the ability to quickly share cool stuff with you, so Damn Good Yoga has migrated to Twitter.  Let's keep the conversation going.  Follow @damngoodyoga to get in on the goods.

Also, many of you have sent me emails at some point in the past few months that have since been swallowed up by the deluge in my inbox.  I have not responded to most of you.  I apologize.  Rest assured that I have read your message, and I will try to catch up on those in the coming week.

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