Top 10 Posts of 2012

In the spirit of this reflective time of year, because I'm too occupied to write, and because lots of new readers have found their way to the blog over the past couple of months, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite posts from 2012.  They are chronologically arranged, from least to most recent.  I hope you enjoy.
  1. Revelations and Prostrations  Thoughts on teachers and teaching.
  2. Ashtanga as Therapy and Injury in Practice  How it hurts and how it heals.
  3. What Does Compassion Look Like?  Compassion is the key to a connected life, but what does it mean?
  4. On Giving Up  No coffee, no prana?
  5. Yoga Works  It really does.  But how?
  6. Breaking up with Ashtanga, or How to Dig a Well  This relationship takes effort, but commitment to the practice is important.
  7. Suffering, Reabsorption, and Recoil  Death, rebirth, and the simplicity of purpose.
  8. The Paradox of Self-Awareness  Looking inward to see beyond the self.
  9. Why Fearing?  Exploring the nature of this practice and the cycle of aversion.
  10. The Rules  Improving my Ashtanga experience through sacred space and submission to the method.


  1. Some totally awesome reads here. Looking forward to another year! :)

    1. Good to hear from you, La Gitane! Thanks for reading!