Natural Health Hack #1: Earth-friendly, Skin-friendly Hair Removal

Here's a little something you may not know about me:  I come from a hairy family.  I grow hair everywhere and I grow it fast.  The amount of time I have had to spend shaving, waxing, tweezing, and otherwise taming the overgrowth since my early teens, only to break out with a rash of bumps and ingrown hairs, has been... considerable.

Hair removal may seem like an odd place to start with the natural health series, but in my search for natural health solutions, finding a chemical free alternative to shaving, waxing, or depilatories that wouldn't irritate my skin seemed an impossible task.  I scoured all my favorite natural health blogs, searched the google, consulted friends, and still came up with nothing that seemed workable for me.  That is, until I found this:

This little beauty costs under $20 (just a few dollars more than a pack of disposables), is rechargeable, and comes with a 2-year warranty.  It shaves almost as closely as a razor and leaves no cuts or irritation in its wake.  Best of all, it requires no nasty lotion, cream, or gel application of any kind.  In fact, I find that the more dry my skin is when I use it, the better it works.  And since it does work so well dry, I can do a quick, effortless touch up whenever I need.  Wherever I need.

In addition to the ease and comfort of dry shaving, using an electric shaver saves time, reduces water use, and eliminates the waste and cost of disposable razors and aerosol gels and creams.  Yes, it is electric and does use a very small amount of energy to charge.  And yes, it is plastic, but so is the casing for all those disposable razors you're going through.  Finally, yes, you could just choose to let the hair grow.... To that, I have no answer.  More power to you and your body hair.  Respect.

This is not a product review or an advertisement of any kind, but for me, this cheap little shaver has been a godsend.

Link to Purchase

Readers:  What natural hair removal solutions do you use/have you tried? 


  1. Have you tried an epilator? I *heart* my epilator. A lot less work with it than with shaving. And then wax strips for the bikini area and a shaver for underarms.

    1. I have not tried an epilator, but I've heard they're uncomfortable to use. How do they work? Wax strips are a no-go for me. My skin is WAY too delicate for waxing, plus I'm not crazy about the waste factor.

    2. i think you could try sugaring instead of wax strips. at first i thought it wouldnt work but it does work very well even in areas with very coarse hair.

  2. I like your idea but if you are looking for permanent hair removal then you can take a course of laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is done by Photothermolysis process. It this proses hairs are burnt by light energy. There are no side effects of this. If you are facing problem with money then you can go for a cheap laser hair removal clinic. You just have to do a little research for that.

  3. Great tip. I agree with the laser comment above. I've had it done everywhere and totally worth the money. Saves you so much time. But this would be great for those stragglers that come back.

  4. I have been told that laser would not work for me as the hair has to be dark--not red or blond as mine is. Re: waxing, there is wax you can use without strips that is very pure. You just microwave it. I use for face.