by Sarrah Strimel


When you step into a yoga class with Sarrah, you are taken on a journey. Carefully choreographing every moment of your experience with cohesion, laughter, lessons, and expert creative sequencing, while never taking herself or the practice too seriously, is her intention every time she leads a class.  Using red wine or her latest breakup as class themes, Sarrah is an open book in and out of class.  Her attention to detail permeates every moment of the practice, from a curated playlist echoing the day’s dharma to incredibly specific cueing.  No matter if it’s your first yoga class ever or if you’ve been practicing for years, you will leave feeling damn good.

To balance the repetitive damage of dancing on Broadway eight shows a week, yoga was suggested by her physical therapist. Over 15 years ago, the love affair began upon walking into a power flow class.


She quickly noticed that her body started to change, her dancing improved, and she was rarely at the physical therapy office. Most importantly, her mind started to quiet, and being a professional performer became much more manageable. The drama started to quiet and fade, and the joy shined through. Yoga truly became the thing that kept her going in a business made for short-lived careers. Miraculously, throughout her career of six Broadway shows, she has never sustained a major injury or even a pulled muscle.


When Modo Yoga NYC opened eight years ago, she joined the community as a student. Struck by the balance of incredible teachers, environmental conservation, and community, she made the decision to embark upon their teacher training. A one-month window opened up in 2013, amidst creating the Broadway show, “Big Fish”. It was divine timing and a sign that this was truly her path. She has completed the 500-hour hatha training, 100-hour flow training, and 75-hour sequencing training with Moksha International and has been a senior teacher at Modo Yoga NYC for seven years. She has also taught at the Woom Center, Sweat Yoga NYC, and Alo Yoga. She is certified to teach vinyasa, hatha, yin, and restorative.


Sarrah co-created the brand, bYoga.  As Montauk’s premiere dynamic vinyasa studio, bYoga brought creative and sometimes irreverent yoga to the East End for three wildly successful seasons. bYoga also opened two other pop up locations in East Hampton and at The Redbury Hotel in New York City. 


Recently, Sarrah took her own personal style and created a signature class for Project by Equinox called Damn Good Yoga.  Blending hip, timely dharma, creative sequencing, playlists that run the gamut in style, and a personality all her own, Damn Good Yoga has evolved into her new passion project.  Damn Good Yoga Online was born out of the need to get in a dynamic practice while in quarantine during the corona virus pandemic.  Look for an expansion of Damn Good Yoga when we are allowed to gather in person once more!


She is available for private and corporate sessions, both in New York City and The Hamptons. She is a proud Lululemon Ambassador and a true #showgirlyogi.